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The First Year ABSí Student

There are five stages to language acquisition. This child is in the “silent” or “preproduction” stage and lessons in this category build vocabulary in an engaging way. It is essential to understand that even if the child is quiet, he or she is still learning. ABSí’s seedlings get a lot of support with visuals, repetition, and purposeful interactions. Most if not all vocabulary units are accompanied with realia and traditional songs that enrich movement activities and enhance memorization skills.

What Your Child Will Learn in Spanish:

  • Spatial and opposite concepts
  • Color names
  • Animal names
  • Body part names
  • Numbers 1-20

And how to:

  • Respond to their name when asked
  • Greet with “hola” and use appropriate leave-takings “adios, hasta luego”
  • Say “yes please/ sí por favor” or “no thank you/ no gracias”
  • Request an item nicely and say “thank you/gracias”
  • Shapes
  • Family vocabulary

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The Second Year ABSí Student

There are two types of sprouts, and they are in the “early production” and “speech emergence” stages of learning. One type is the Spanish language learner that has limited comprehension and can produce short phrases.  The other is the native Spanish speaker, who is at risk of losing or weakening their language due to minimized practice in their home, social and school environment. Students reinforce concepts they learned their first year through new themes.  They also still learn traditional songs and poems.

What Your Child Will Learn in Spanish:

  • Days of the week
  • Months of the year
  • Food vocabulary
  • Verbs
  • How to count by ones, tens and hundreds in Spanish

And how to:

  • Express their feelings when asked, “¿ Cómo estás?” (How are you?)”
  • Communicate their needs i.e. “¿Puedo ir al baño?” (Can I use the restroom?)/”¿Puedo tomar agua?” (Can I have water?)


The Third Year ABSí Student

Blossoms may still be in the “early production” and “speech emergence” stages of learning. However, since they have been enrolled in the program for two years, students in this class have a great Spanish vocabulary. They can communicate with simple phrases and have increased their comprehension skills.

What Your Child Will Learn in Spanish:

  • Culture and seasonal vocabulary
  • Community concepts
  • School concepts

And how to:

  • Respond to simple commands and questions orally
  • Carry a short conversation in Spanish

Adult Classes

Adult classes are formatted differently than children classes. Sessions are ten weeks long and participants meet once a week, for one hour each time. The class is broken up into three sections. The first promotes engagement and relevance by teaching participants something about the Mexican culture. Whether it’s learning a genre of music, tasting a food item, or hearing a folktale, students enjoy this portion of the class as they realize that culture and language go hand in hand. The second portion breaks up the language into the most comprehensible way possible. Lessons include vocabulary building, reading strategies, conjugating verbs and more. Finally, the last part of the hour addresses communicative phrases that can be used in everyday situations. Examples include greetings, end takings, and common expressions.

Anyone attending the session can expect a fun and relaxed class. They will make new friends, read, write, listen and speak as they build the foundation necessary for continuous Spanish language learning.

Our Mission


Our mission is to help children gain the cognitive, cultural and economic advantage of being bilingual, by helping them acquire the second language in an engaging and comprehensible way.


About ABSí Spanish



Why ABSí Spanish?

ABSí is a Spanish language enrichment program, created specifically for 3-10 year olds. The thematic, vocabulary building units teach academic and conversational Spanish using visual, auditory and kinesthetic activities. Classes take place once a week and are the perfect option for parents who want to give their child an early start in learning a second language.  The sessions build upon and reinforce previous learning, so that students can begin making connections and acquire more language. Families in the program get monthly class descriptions and home extension ideas as well. This, in combination with consistent class participation, allows students to progress at a faster pace.

Our Curriculum

Program Levels
ABSí groups its students into three levels. First year ABSí students are called “Semillitas” or seeds. Second year ABSí students are “Brotes Pequeños” or Little Sprouts, and third year students are “Flores” or Blossoms. ABSí’s goal is two-fold.

1) To provide students with a head start and solid foundation for continuous Spanish language learning
2) To preserve the Spanish language and culture by enabling all learners to speak, read and write it in a culture-rich environment.

Based on Stephen Krashen’s principles of comprehensible input and low anxiety situations, ABSí’s main goal is to make the learning of the language meaningful and engaging. Rather than using only one curriculum set, ABSí uses a combination of supplementary resources, traditional songs, Kagan strategies, and materials to allow every student to participate frequently and equally.
The themes, which are aligned to the Arizona Foreign and Native Language Standards, target academic and oral language, so that students have the opportunity to make connections and use what is learned throughout their day.






Session Information

  • $65.00
  • per month
  • Weekly Classes
  • Materials Included
  • Class Descriptions for Parents
  • Student Progress Reports


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St. Theresa Catholic School
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ABSí meets all of the qualifications and requirements needed to be a vendor at a school. If you are an interested principal, teacher or PTA member, please email ABSí and we would be happy to answer your questions and get a program started at your campus!